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What Does Professional Editing Mean?

At Visions West, Professional Editing includes a number of things, including:

  • Full Colour Grading and Colour Balance. We enhance the footage after filming to ensure it all looks great on screen!
  • Addition of titles.
  • Audio ‘cleaning’ to remove as much background noise as possible.
  • Multi-Cam Syncing – we shoot on a number of cameras, all footage is synchronized during editing.
  • Adding music for effect.
  • Export to multiple media including USB, DVD, File, Social Media and YouTube.
What Equipment Do You Use?

We use a range of equipment, including Canon, Sony and GoPro Cameras. We capture our audio using Sony Wireless Audio and Zoom Recorders.

All editing is done using Final Cut Pro on Apple macOS.

We are always reviewing our equipment stocks, making sure we are using the latest and most suitable equipment to capture your special day. All equipment is fully maintained and tested prior to heading out to a wedding.

Do You Travel?

Of Course!

We travel within a 300km radius of Melbourne without travel charges. Further beyond 300km radius of Melbourne will incur travel charges. We have done, and are happy to travel both interstate and internationally to film your wedding. This will be quoted at the time of your inquiry.

Do You Require Meals?

No, we do not require meals, but its always nice!

If you book us for a full day, please remember we have been on our feet all day with minimal time for breaks, we eat what we can on the go but its hard to have a decent meal. Videographers and Photographers are usually starving come reception time!

If you are able/unable to provide meals we just ask you to let us know in advance, but the choice is 100% yours.

How Long Have You Been Filming Weddings?

Visions West have been filming weddings for over 10 Years. We have filmed hundreds of weddings, both directly for Visions West and also as subcontractors to other wedding video providers.

Will You Edit All Our Video?

Yes! We edit, colour grade and fix all audio in the final edit of your video.

Will You Edit Video Someone Else Filmed?

It really depends.

We can, but we would really like to see the footage first so we can set expectations. Its also handy to know what type of camera the footage was shot on before we get started, this can mean a lot for the editing process.

We always advise you hire a professional to film your wedding – but we understand all budgets are different.

Can We Have The Raw Footage?


If you would like the raw footage, please let us know in advance. We also ask you supply a suitable sized external hard drive for us to copy the footage to, keeping in mind the average wedding is approximately 200-400gb.

We are also happy to film your wedding without the editing package and supply raw footage for you to edit yourself.